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            • Companies in China, Hunan, Fujian, Sichuan, Shaanxi and other places to establish...

              Tea base

            About us

                Taiyo Green Power Co., Ltd is the joint venture between Wuxi Green Power Biological Product Co., Ltd and Taiyo Kagaku Co., Ltd (China State-owned Forest Farm Development Corp and Taiyo Kagaku share of the corporation assets), which was established on April 2004 in Wuxi with a construction area of 12000m2 out of total occupied area of 69960m2. It is a provincial standard high tech corporation, focusing on the researching, manufacturing and marketing of green tea extracts such as Tea Polyphenols, Tea Polysaccharide and other tea products like White tea, Oolong tea and Black tea with the annual throughput of 2500 tons based on 80% tea polyphenols.

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